Dog Gone South

Dog Gone South are a busy, well honed touring blues duo, featuring Dave Dorman on guitar, double stomps and vocals and Chris Canning on harmonica. Dog Gone South are riding on a blues revival in venues and at festivals around the country. They are one of the busiest blues acts in the south and clock up around 120 gigs annually.

The story so far

Dog Gone South are a busy, well honed touring blues outfit, featuring Dave Dorman on guitar, double stomps and vocals. Dave performs solo and duo gigs and is joined regularly by a range of accomplished musicians including, Chris Canning, Luke Davies, Rudi Katterl and Eddy Boyle.

Their brand of straight ahead foot stomping blues has gained them much popularity, opening the door to a range of festivals and venues across the country.

The duos debut album, Bring Ya Foot And Stomp It, has sold over 500 copies in the first 12 months of release. 

Dog Gone South are riding on a blues revival in around the country. From Melbourne to Cooktown, from Beechworth to Adelaide, they are one of the busiest blues acts from the south and clock up over 120 gigs annually.

Dave Dorman

Heavily influenced as a young boy by his three older brothers, Dave was listening to Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and others as far back as he can remember. He developed a healthy appetite for ‘authentic’ blues. The icons like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf and Lightnin' Hopkins amongst many others were all influential in his teen years. Dave recalls proudly slipping a Muddy Waters cassette into his car stereo when he began driving at eighteen years old, but his mates in the car at the time just didn’t get it, they weren't brought up with the blues. 

Dave’s brother took him to see BB King in concert in Geelong in 1976 and with Dutch Tilders as support, it made a huge impression on the 16 year old, and over the years Dave saw Dutch perform many times, striking up a friendship with the music great. 

Dutch was influenced by Big Bill Broonzy’s style of playing to name one, this is also where Dave’s passion and playing style is aimed at - he now stomps, sings and plays his way through gigs with his trusty Gibson J45. He resides and has lived most of his life in the seaside town of Ocean Grove, Australia.